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Over the years, Meo Vac district considers education and training as "the first national policy" and are arranged every year a very large budget to invest in building infrastructure classroom. However, with limited resources, while the number of temporary campuses to build a lot. So any solution to build multiple classrooms while also saving costs, saving time and improving efficiency.

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Models manufactured housing classroom with new technologies in Meo Vac

Leo School classroom Cha Phin A built in new technologies with durable material, beautiful

Present in Son Vi, right on kindness Hanoi Association and the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Hanoi inaugurated and handed over school buildings preschools point A. We climb Cha Phin see the real effect of classroom buildings assembled, built from new technologies of Korea. Main materials are steel frame, corrugated insulation, foam, cold tin roof, windows, and doors are aluminum. There are advantages to create space for the room warm in winter, cool in summer, noise proof, waterproof and anti-cyclone is relatively good compared with conventional tin-roof house. Windows, partitions between classrooms can design as you like depending on size of classrooms. The entire steel structure is soft spray anti-rust paint, hot dipped galvanized, galvanized cold ... can be used over 15 years.

According to Mr. Dao Xuan Tung - Leader kindness Hanoi (project sponsors), said: "Building a kindergarten classroom Leo Cha Phin A includes 2 classrooms and 1 teachers staying there 80m2 area, the cost of all 130 million including transport costs and make more field. Actually, in convenient places, this works only about 100 million are done ". With this technology is very convenient for transport to the remote village, remote, easily assembled, durable material, beautiful. Besides, the construction and assembly are carried out in parallel. And according to calculations, this method of construction compared to the performance of classical construction such as digging, building interior common wall, can shorten construction time from 50-70%, as well as the cost of construction construction and labor performed. Thus, only 5 people assembled in 4 days, classroom buildings Cha Leo School A perfect Phin. Another advantage, which is the development of housing construction and installation gheptrong fact, fit erected on soft ground; housing for low-income people; Stay home for teachers and students in remote areas, remote areas. Therefore, it is suitable for conditions in areas such as economic difficulties Meo Vac to building classrooms, boarding houses and village offices ...

In fact, this is not the first time this model was developed on the province of Ha Giang. As known, earlier the Central Youth Union, Vietnam has built for boarding Primary School VUDA Khau Vai commune a student residence in assembly technology, material is steel frame and walls EPS way Heat, cold corrugated roofs, PVC sliding windows and doors are aluminum frames; usable area of ​​100m2 with 2 rooms with a total budget of 250 million, according to the program model "boarding house for you." Known recently Vi Xuyen district has also piloted the assembled model in rural primary schools point you are, Cao Bo and be appreciated.

Therefore, can assert that building a docking model with new technologies in the social, regional campuses and remote will be the right policy, time-saving, easy to transport and reducing investment costs, contributing to reduce the burden on the budget, to be developed on many more classes, meet the teaching needs of the school unit.


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