Prefab CO., LTD specializes in the construction. Prefab City, Western prefabricated buildings, prefabricated buildings north, Danang prefabricated buildings, prefabricated buildings Highlands region is the Vietnam market are honored to serve. We specialize in the construction of prefabricated buildings, providing high-technology materials such as: Panel EPS sound insulation, insulation used in walls, room dividers, drop ceilings, roofing, clean room, cold storage, ...
- 3D build lightweight panels sound insulation for the construction of civil and industrial. Our unit specialized in selling, leasing manufactured home, mobile home has features: sound insulation - insulation - super light with only the cost of basic construction bang½ price, fast construction time and maintenance time operating up to 20 years; Construction of factories, mills and other steel structural works, mechanical works; outsourcing manufacturing and erection of aluminum glass doors, uPVC doors have steel reinforcement ...; Manpower supply and construction of civil and industrial, production and distribution of construction interior and exterior works; Completing the kinds of ... .. With a team of highly qualified workers and skilled, the equipment, modern machinery, our company has successfully implemented many factory buildings, house docking for large corporations such as Samsung, Nokia, Huynhdai ... and construction of large constructions such as pasta factory for production of red bear .., in the course of production and business activities, the Company has always achieved growth in all aspects of development pace of the country. We have the capacity of people, equipment, production facilities and finances for the construction of large-scale projects. always take the motto: "Quality engineering, art work and modern technology" is the leading standard for customer service. For each project, we will focus on intellectual resources, build the optimal solution, the feasibility of construction organization and construction techniques. At the same time we are also fully prepared human rationality and supplies machinery construction schedule for all projects signed. During construction and installation company always ensures compliance with design, the materials used are to ensure compliance with standards and requirements for quality of works. NHALAPGHEP CO., LTD With best quality targets, progress on time, competitive price, NHALAPGHEP CO., LTD always wanted a supplier, construction is the most reliable partner of you customer. Thank you very much!
We focus on the quality of works: All materials before putting them into production are strictly tested for quality as: Zinc, best quality color coating thickness enough, enough density foam, glue Korean import best quality categories, and the entire material produced EPS panel Sandwich panels are run on modern machinery imported from South Korea, and factory Our company is the only factory in Northern manufacturing panel is quality assurance standards and International Korea.
Regarding the quality of the manufactured home, mobile home, cabin protection:
Skeletal manufacturing standards and application sync international standards on the assembly. All supplies and materials before production are strictly tested with no errors when manufacturing products and no errors during installation.
Fast construction time by producing accurate synchronization, easily removable.
Forms work: reaching international standards of modern aesthetics and sustainability.
Guarantee for Customers erect a house cool, efficient and effective use, disassembled and moved easily
About skilled workers outsourced manufacturing and erection:
The staff and workers qualified and skilled has successfully implemented many projects erected prefabricated buildings for large corporations such as Vinacomin, Huynhdai, Zenitaka, Sumitomo Mitsui ... .We always take the motto: "technical quality and artistic works" as the leading standard for serving customers.


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