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Panel capable cleanrooms good cold insulation, non-toxic, non-aging and good compression strength capacity.

Due to the shape of the FPS is highly recommended to use EPS Sandwich Panel saves construction costs and shorten the construction period.
With the advantages of lightweight and strength as well as good heat resistance, Panel EPS is now considered the ideal construction material for cold storage, warehouse, office and residential.
Advantage :
Panel EPS insulation panels in addition to thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing also has the following advantages:
- Installation Fast, easy installation, saving construction time
- The price is cheaper than the same functional materials
- Low maintenance cost
Application :
- Kien Nam EPS insulation board used for construction, installation
- Clean Room in pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics
- Warehouse, ceiling panels in supermarkets
- Installation of office, factory
- Insert a background in construction
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Panel EPS

Panel EPS

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