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No land, land in the planning area are "suspended", the price of land is expensive ... many people in HCMC think of solutions using the mobile manufactured housing.

According to a study by consulting firm CBRE real estate, about 80% of those with housing needs not buy a house. HCM City Statistics also showed that the city has about 30% of immigrants from the provinces of. In addition, the number of workers working in the industrial zone of the city very much. These are mostly people who do not buy housing because land prices are currently too expensive.

Nguyen Nam, a worker is working in Vinh Loc Industrial Park, said he and his wife bought the land for almost 5 years now, but still have boarding. The cause is currently situated right piece of land he purchased the plan "suspended" and he was not allowed to do home. According to the introduction of a friend, he found a Southern solution is to buy a mobile home, then pull the pads placed on the ground.

According to Ho Van Tho architect who invented the mobile home, the needs of low-income people to use very large motorhome. Mr. Tho said that the industrial estates also a serious shortage of workers. Thus, the mobile home will be an effective solution. This model can leverage, short-term exploitation of unused vacant lots in the industrial park; avoid problems in the procedures and policies on land ...

With this model, now easily organize lodging for workers to avoid the slums. In addition, the mobile home is also very suitable as accommodation for workers on construction projects frequently change location.

Flexibility is the leading characteristic of the mobile home because it can be used for different objects such as temporary housing residents who get cleared, workers stayed home; Vacation Resorts; accommodation and work for the steering committee, the workers at construction sites .... In addition, this product also can be moved, with high durability.

Mobile homes are often "life" over 20 years. Depending on the design, cost 50-80 million a unit. Mobile home looks like a wagon, an area of ​​about 11 m2, inside arrange adequate supplies for a family or a group of 3-4 people, including beds (can be arranged 1-4 depending bed needs ), wardrobe, desk, bookshelf, table, toilet (septic), kitchen, room for televisions, refrigerators ...

Mobile home is not hot because good heatsink solutions. Walls and roofs made of corrugated flat exterior color coating, in the middle of the insulation by sponge, hand-made sheets of paper yarn cement maker. Floors on steel frames, paved with slabs of wood fiber cement maker. Indoor Full-power devices that use water and environmental hygiene by external engineering system.

Because home is pulled by two wheels so the introduction to where to place very easily and quickly, the connection infrastructure such as electricity and sewage systems were implemented in the shortest time possible using the house immediately.


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