Mobile home floor bold idea of overseas Vietnamese in Ca Mau

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Mobile home has been a lot of countries around the world with application features and advantages of mobile no.Nha have flexibility as using temporary housing or areas at risk have to move very fit territories Contains frozen plans.

In Vietnam we were known before the type of container, with the advantages of the construction is fast, cheap, consistent with recent rangeland hinh.Nhung an overseas Vietnamese in Ca Mau city under construction mobile home series caught the attention of many people. Main materials make the home is safe, respected and aluminum foil with an area of 4m, 6m long, a ground floor one.

Space is the iron rod bearing, mounted beneath the wheels. Weight homes ranged from 2.6 to 2.8 tonnes.

Mr. Tieu Van Luan and homes

 The owner of the mobile home floor this unique, Mr. Tieu Van Luan - an American millionaire, said: "About 30 years ago, I had constructed the houses like this in America. There is quite prevalent this kind of house. It is to the production facilities and likes the house, bought and towed to use ".

House price is not high. Mr. Luan was kind of production is about 200 million cost of each. However, according to Luan, this is kind of home he made for hire, use of materials covered with aluminum foil so expensive.

Designers in the form of kiosks, a ground floor one. In particular, to business downstairs, while upstairs for living and rest. For the poor, remote areas may be different design, with cheaper materials they just spent more than 50 million is made a lovely home in a lifetime.

Do can move easily to the required clearance, the landlord and the government did not worry anybody much. People can quickly to new places but still living in their old house.

"I'm really dedicated to this type of house, it has advantages in the city, in line with the affordability of the people in remote areas, flood zones. There were many people come here to see my house. I am ready to pass on their techniques and experience, "Mr. Luan said.

Mr. Tieu Van Luan home in Ca Mau, the United States in 1980. He was the International Association card "The bricklayers and craftsmen" in 1987.



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