Houses built using lightweight materials assembled

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This material, called 3D, is well suited to cramped construction conditions in cities and places with soft ground. Customers need to build walls or floor slopes just buy the plates on and erect. Then, spray or pour cement mortar onto concrete is finished.
This material appeared on the market in Ho Chi Minh City about two months now, due Corporation 3D production. 3D panels are structures formed by two steel mesh cement mortar (if wall) or steel mesh concrete (if doing floor), linked together by steel bars skewers through porous layers.

Normally, only the broken rib 3D, which means no surface mortar. Visible steel fibers woven and welded together to make sure. Customers need to build walls or floor slopes just buy the plates on and erect. Then, injection of cement grouting or pouring concrete.

Rib Plates 1.2m and 2.4 to 6 meters long, customers can choose according to needs. With this size, the wall or floor construction very quickly, do not lose the superimposed steel before pouring the floor, as well as the loss of each member brick wall very long. The average weight of the rib plate only about 4-10kg / m2, therefore, the transport is very fast and they do not take up much room for regrouping.

According to research and applications in the advanced countries for over 10 years, 3D panels have the best power tolerance thanks foam layer in between. Two high-strength steel grades in the two sides capable tensile, flexural better than concrete materials and terracotta tiles. A building used to build 3D panels are lightweight than 40-60% compared to traditional construction. Therefore, this material is suitable for home installation works gheptren soft ground as well as the repair and renovation of existing buildings, but not to touch the nail as well as the bearing structure of the house.

According to Phan Tan Quoc, Deputy Director of 3D, this foam layer soundproof effect until 42 decibels, while the noise level allowed by a hospital is less than 70 decibels. 3D also fire resistant, high insulation, withstand wind, storms, high vibration. Another advantage is that when constructed, could save about 1/3 of the time compared to using traditional materials. To adapt to the current architecture, this material is manufactured for easy shaping, flat plate, curved plate, inclined plate, arches, decorative bars to be long and thin walls, exterior walls, floor slabs, roof rack ...

 However, the biggest being the use of this material, according to Korea, the "cost savings": construction cost of crude may drop to 10-20% compared with traditional materials used. On the other hand, while reducing costs for the construction and construction equipment.

(According to Vietnam Economic Times)


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