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House prefabricated or steel buildings is one of the models manufactured housing is made available at the request of engineering and architecture.

Before learning about the practical application of pre-engineered steel buildings, we need to understand what is prefabricated houses. House prefabricated or steel buildings is one of the models manufactured housing is made available at the request of the technical and the composition is truc.Tat constitutes steel buildings that are produced in the factory before , then get taken to the compound for construction works and installation.

Most of the models of Steel Buildings is applied mostly in construction industry including building the factory as part re, build warehouses, factories, hangars or other structures composed of steel. This is the construction of large scale, high value. However the export prefabricated houses to be applied in other areas, notably civil engineering

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  Construction of workshop

Construction steel buildings to undergo major phases as follows:

- Design of steel architecture.
- Structural design
- Production of metal structures in steel production.
- Erection of steel structures at the site.
- Construction of reinforced concrete sections including the foundations, wall covering, floor steel, ...
The entire steel structure is produced and made available synchronized erection site in the shortest possible time was predetermined.

When the steel construction just very little manipulation assembled to form a complete work, to minimize construction time on site as well as contribute to reducing the level of steel construction to provide operational earliest, otherwise the investor can easily control the quality of the works right from the production process.

The main advantages of prefabricated steel buildings are: spend less, fast construction time, lower maintenance costs and easily extended in the future so it is the first choice of the investor instead of building houses ordinary steel.

Model of steel buildings is seen as a new house style, modern. By the creativity of architects increasingly make many beautiful designs for the open space premises, facilities especially to meet the requirements that the tradition can not reach.
In addition, construction engineering and fabrication techniques are more advanced materials, architectural community and building today have changed the concept of a prefabricated steel "Easy, available, cheap "to a new vision is" convenient, comfortable and economical ".

Innovation by adding these lines of modern architecture and layout style and stunning interior, the architects gave the construction of prefabricated houses into a new style in a beautiful new space more.

Owning a team of trained human resources professional and highly experienced in the network consulting, design. We, the engineers Quang Phat truly your desire to solve problems together. With all the enthusiasm and the love of customers, the company's staff is committed to ensuring the model export prefabricated houses beautiful, economical and most appropriate.

We will also accompany you to the prefabricated model that we built will provide the best performance in terms of quality and aesthetics.

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