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First, to remove the factory is safe and fast to understand and be aware of the building structure.

Review the status of quality constructions are safe enough when workers dismantling operations. These buildings are not safe enough to dismantle or dismount down but can not be intact, we should use measures demolition works.

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                                                                                          Application methods dismantling workshops

Phase 1: Survey works
- Survey of the work, the quality of works, architectural erection, construction time ...
- Prepare plans for construction
- Calculate and set Budget estimates for the dismantlement of this workshop
Phase 2: Preparation
- The complete set of construction equipment (crane, welders, cutters, excavators, trucks, ...), personnel at work.
- Training on occupational safety, fire prevention for construction workers
- Prepare contingency plans when situations occur: Co2 gas tank, sand, first aid kit ...
- Inspection of safety devices before putting into execution.
Stage 3: Construction

Phase 4: Check evaluate results dismantling works and establish test records and hand over to the investor.
Some require the dismantling factory:
- To ensure absolute safety for people and construction equipment
- The structural building components when taken down to intact and are regrouping in the order pre-determined location.


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